IGUANA CUP is a project to promote reusable cups instead of using disposable plastic cups. Each year, approximately 1.2 million disposable plastic cups are used in the Galapagos, so it is very important to evolve.

In many local restaurants and coffee shops, Iguana Cups can be used when ordering a take-away drink. An additional deposit or a pledge of USD 2 will be paid. Iguana Cups can be returned at many local restaurants and the deposit or the 2 USD pledge is returned. An intelligent way to protect our beloved environment and evolve.


Reduce the amount of disposable flex and plastic foam cups that are generated in Galapagos annually by at least 120,000 glasses per year (10% of units) by using IGUANA CUP

Promote the use of IGUANA CUP in continental Ecuador involving at least 40 new establishments favoring responsible behavior in the reduction of waste from disposable products.

Reduce economic and environmental costs in at least 4 mass events due to the use of disposable cups by promoting responsible behavior change with the environment through the use of IGUANA CUP

More information can be obtained on Instagram @IguanaCup.

Partners in the country, join the R-Evolution…

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More information can be found in Instagram @IguanaCup.

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