We are offering mechanical systems and natural systems for the treatment of waste water. Mechanical systems can be installed in existing septic tanks when there is not much space available.
The projects carried out have a range of a residential house of 8 inhabitants (mechanical treatment) to a system for the municipality of Isabela, Galapagos with 1500 inhabitants with a constructed wetland.
The solutions were made through collaboration with Caduceus, ATB and Blumberg Engineers.

Mechanical Treatment of Sewage Water

We are installing systems of the German brand ATB that comply with German standards for the discharge of sewage water. The smallest system is the PUROO that can be seen in the next image.


Waste water treatment cycle with PUROO

The PUROO is installed in the last chamber of the septic tank. After filling the last chamber (Phase 1) the process of denitrification (Phase 2) begins, in which the ammonia from the wastewater is decomposed into nitrate. The system consists of an aerator that uses ambient air and induces it through a panel to the septic tank (Phase 3: Nitrification). The oxygen creates an aerobic environment that prevents the generation of odors. In addition, organic matter is mixed and an environment is created in which different aerobic bacteria decompose the nitrate into nitrogen. After the aeration process, the solids are sedimenting to the bottom of the chamber (Stage 4). In phase 5 the PUROO pumps the sediments and pushes them to the first chamber of the septic tank so that they continue to decompose the organic matter of the first chamber. The clean water is then pumped outside the septic tank. This water can be used for irrigation in the garden. In the image, you can see the different phases of the treatment.

Treatment with Constructed Wetlands

The Santa Cruz fishing cooperative (COPROPAG) installed a constructed wetland for the treatment of sewage water from the fish processing plant. The constructed wetland reduces more than 99% of the bacteria (e.coli) and meets the environmental standards for the discharge of sewage water to the environment. The maintenance of the plant is very simple and the wetland creates a home for different plants, insects, and birds.

Information in Spanish on ATB sewage water treatment plants can be found HERE.

Information on wastewater projects in German can be found here.

Constructed Wetland of the Fishing Cooperative (COPROPAG Santa Cruz)