OrcaTec has installed more than 150m2 of solar thermal panels in Galapagos since 2012. In more than 30 hotels and homes, the sun is heating the water for showers and laundries. The installed systems save around 2500 cylinders of gas every year.

We are applying the thermosyphon system. The advantage of the thermosyphon system is that no additional pump is needed to circulate or heat the water. There is a closed circle between the thermal panel and the tank that works with gravity to heat the water of the tank. The tank has insulation to keep the heat during the night. There is also an electrical resistance to ensure sufficient temperature inside the tank. The surface of the tank is glazed and resists salinity. A magnesium anode protects the system in addition to corrosion. We are officially installing the systems of the company Chromagen of Israel.